Feast & Faith

538433f4f151e7d3_bowl-of-soupWhere:  St. Joseph Church Oblate Lounge

                    151 Laurier Ave. E.

                    Next to 2nd Cup (Hyman Soloway)

                    (use Cumberland entrance)

When: Tuesdays 5:30- 7pm 

On Wednesday evenings “Let There Be…” hosts “Feast and Faith.”  It is a weekly meal provided by local church members.  After supper students can stay for a time of learning and reflection.  Each week we invite professors and professionals to come in and share a bit about their work, their story and how faith impacts what they do and how they do it. While each speaker may have a different style or Christian background, for students it is an opportunity for questions and thoughtful engagement concerning the many fields of life.

Check the Calendar for our Scheduled Speaker

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