Small Groups

Small groups are a way for groups of students to gather for growth and encouragement.  many of our groups are based around themes, academic disciplines or Bible studies.  The current groups are listed below.  We hope that you will consider joining a small group that will help you will find community while growing in your understanding of God, your calling and the world we live in.  Please contact us if your’e interested in joining a current group or would like to be a part of a new one.

The Drama of Scripture – Every other Week Winter Semester

Chaplain Sid along with the Integrating Christian Faith Interns will be reading and discussing the book The Drama of Scripture by Mike Goheen and Craig Bartholomew.  This study looks at the whole of scripture as the story of God and our place in that story.  We meet every other week in the Winter Semester.  If you’d like to read this book with us contact Sid at for times and locations. Book subsidies available.

C.S. Lewis Reading Group

This group meets once a week to read C. S. Lewis’ classic Mere Christianity together.  You don’t need to read anything ahead of time as we read and discuss as we go. Books are provided.  Contact Sid at for times and location.

Science & Faith

Many Christians and particularly University students wrestle with the integration of Science and Faith.  This group meets to discuss “The Language of God” by Francis Collins and is lead by Geology student Genevieve Huyer. Contact Genevieve at for times and location.

Biblical Reflection Groups

This Biblical Leadership group is weekly group that meets to reflect on scripture in a very simple way.  Each week students arrive with passages they’ve looked at and share with the others through some basic questions that we use.  This group is as much about holding each other  accountable to reading the Bible than it is about any sort of specific learning. Contact Sid ( if you’re interested in participating in a group.

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